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Step 5 - How to read and understand basic reports

Misc - Latest 15 visits

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The report "Latest 15 visits" shows the data about the latest 15 visits to your site.
Each row shows the date and the time, the description, the Country of origin, the anonymized IP address (*), the browser and the Operating System (O.S.) used by your visitors.

(*) In order to fully protect the privacy of users, IP addresses are anonymized by replacing the last octet with this string: "XX" .
For further information, please click on the following link: "IP anonimization and statistical data aggregation in ShinyStat".

When you haven't enabled the setting option "Password protected reports", present in Setup> Preferences, appear only "X" instead of each IP address.

The data in this report are retrieved in real time and are automatically overwritten by the new tracked data. ShinyStat does not record or save these data.

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