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Step 5 - How to read and understand basic reports

Traffic - Monthly unique visitors/browsers

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This report shows the unique visitors/browsers per month.
This term refers to the number of unique visitors/browsers who visit the web site once or more a month.

The first table shows the average monthly unique visitors in the selected period and the trend compared with the previous period.

- Interval: these options allow you to retrieve the data of a particular period of time.

On its horizontal axis, the chart shows the months, and, on the vertical axis, the number of unique visitors/browsers.

The table shows the following data:
  • Month
  • Number of unique visitors/browsers
  • Monthly Change
  • Yearly Change
  • Monthly unique visitors from Desktop Devices
  • Monthly unique visitors from Mobile Devices
  • Visits
  • Page views

Please note: data on unique visitors split by desktop and mobile users is available since October, 1st 2014.

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